individual lessons – functional integration®
during the individual, hands on lessons, the student and the feldenkrais practitioner move together. like in a dance, through touch the possibilities in learning and moving are explored, lightly and effortlessly. this creates new ways in the nervous system, in movement and in the personal attitude, the self image of the student. the results and domains of application of the individual lessons are diverse and highly individual. the aim is to find new possibilities, physical as psychological ones, according to the current personal situation of the student.

we will discuss the possible themes during a first lesson in order to create a series of lessons together.

→ R E G I S T R A T I O N

directly here, via phone or mail or at a group lesson.


2017 – weekly group lessons – awareness through movement®

following aspects of the human development, lessons are presented in order to focus on activities like speaking, breathing, the use of the eyes and walking.
people who are interested in the theoretical aspects of the method will find an opportunity of discussion.
even if the course follows a program over several weeks, it is also possible to participate in single lessons nevertheless.

the lessons are usually done lying down or in sitting. the lessons will be presented in german with english translation if needed.


starting january 2017 – praxis dr. maly

where: praxis dr. maly – 1040 wien, frankenberggasse 13
when: every tuesday, 06.30 pm – 07.30 pm
how much: 15 € per lesson

→ R E G I S T R A T I O N

right here, via phone or via email. no previous knowledge is necessary. please wear comfortable clothes and bring warm socks eventually.


links and information on feldenkrais

→ book, awareness through movement, m. feldenkrais

feldenkrais method – wikipedia