the feldenkrais method was invented and developed by moshe feldenkrais in the first half of the 20th century. moshe feldenkrais used his knowledge and experience in judo, mathematics, psychology and neurology to develop his body method (somatopsychic method).
for m. feldenkrais the body and body movements are primarily used to gain a better understanding and awareness of ourselves. (awareness through movement®)

” when you know what you do, you can do what you want “, m. feldenkrais

alas to improve the quality of our actions and ourselves it is necessary to have a clear image of who we are and what we do and to develop our imagination for what we want to do.

the feldenkrais method is taught in two ways

- group lessons: awareness through movement®
- individual lessons: functional integration®

with a delay of nearly half a century modern neuroscience, with the use of the mrt or brain scans, is able to confirm / acknowledge the effectiveness that everyone can experience on his own of feldenkrais’ concepts.